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Dead Medium Podcasting Workshop

Dead Medium Podcasting Workshop

60 EUR
1 Day Podcasting Workshop
with Gareth Stack

This two part workshop will cover everything you need to create, upload and promote your own podcast. We’ll provide an overview of the history of podcasts, and the current state of the podcast market. You will learn about different podcast hosting and distribution options, how to track downloads and what it takes to get a podcast into iTunes ‘New & Noteworthy’ category.


This workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to create a podcast or improve how their podcasts are created or distributed, and requires no special technical expertise.  Whether you already have a podcast you’d like to improve, or are just a keen fan with an idea, this is the workshop for you.


Sat 10-5pm (with 1 hour for lunch)
22nd Oct


A4 Sounds
St Joseph's Parade, Off Upper Dorset St
Dublin 1

Part one of the day will be an overview of podcasting, covering different ways podcasts are made and distributed, and moving onto all the major monetization routes – from advertising to Patreon, paid downloads, app purchases and more.

We’ll look at various hosting options and podcast creation pipelines, from self hosting with Wordpress or Libsyn, to all in one services like Zencast, Soundcloud, ACast and audioBoom.

Part two will cover the process of creating a podcast, using free and low cost tools. Participants will work together to record, edit and distribute a podcast. They will learn through hands on practice, how to submit to the most popular podcast directories and apps.

The facilitator will be available after the workshop to answer further questions and technical issues that might pop up with your first attempts at making a show.

Materials Required:

Participants to bring along:

  • Previously recorded programmes they wish to podcast
  • OR ideas for a show they’d like to create
  • Laptops to follow along with the practical portion of the class

A4 will supply all other necessary equipment & materials.

Breakdown of the day:

1. What is a podcast?

  • How this emerging medium is different
  • Downloads vs streaming
  • How podcasts are ranked, tracked and distributed

2. History of podcasting

  • From the development of the podcast in Jan 2001, to the early podcasts, the impact of iTunes, the birth of podcast networks, the entrance of broadcasters, the impact of smartphones and today’s ‘podcast renaissance’.

3. The podcast landscape today

  • Variety of programming, listenership, availability, technology, metrics
    The growth of podcast networks

4. How to make a podcast

  • The cheap way & the right way
  • Recording techniques / technology
  • Creating graphics / logos
  • Website / hosting
  • Getting listed iTunes and podcast apps
  • Common pitfalls with creation, delivery and promotion

5. Growing listenership / making money

  • Leveraging the iTunes store, blogging, reviews and old media
  • Advertising, sponsorship, merchandise, syndication, crowdfunding

6. Future of podcasting

  • How are podcasts changing
  • Location based podcasts, interacting with the audience, life streaming

7. Hands on

  • Creating & distributing a podcast from scratch

By the conclusion of the workshop, attendees will have created their own podcast. They’ll be aware of the podcasting landscape, the variety of hosting and distribution solutions available, and how to proceed with regularly producing, releasing and successfully promoting their podcast. Participants will be able to create and host a podcast using easy to maintain and effective techniques and platforms.

Gareth Stack

Gareth is an Irish podcasting pioneer. His show ‘Technolotics’, started while an undergraduate in TCD, was Ireland first online TV programme / video podcast. Since then he has delivered talks on podcasting at TCD and to the National Union of Journalists and been interviewed about podcasting on the Irish Times Off Topic Podcast.

Gareth has created over a dozen podcasts, and provided podcast consultation to a variety of producers. His company ‘Dead Medium Productions’, recently broad a drama series on Newstalk. And have upcoming drama, documentary and entertainment programmes in production for Newtalk and RTE Lyrc FM. Gareth serves as an occasional correspondent for RTE Lyric FM’s Culture File programme; as well as Communications Officer for the Association of Radio Producers Ireland. He is active member of The Writers Guild of Ireland, and A4 Sounds collective.

Dead Medium Productions


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