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Art 4 Artists Workshop Series

Art 4 Artists Workshop Series

100 EUR
4 week Art 4 Artists Workshop Series
with Deirdre Ronan

6 Participants Only

“Some artists say to make the work readable to the public is the artist’s responsibility, but I don’t agree with that. The only responsibility is to be absolutely truthful to the self.”

Louise Bourgeois

As practicing artists we can tend to stick with our medium of choice. Even if that involves many different skills or practices, we can tend to stay in our comfort zones. And despite the wonderful communal element of working in a studio, our art practices are generally inherently solitary. Even working collaboratively, it can be difficult to communicate our emotional responses to the process and product. Often, there isn’t a forum, or vocabulary to describe or relate this.

And as practicing artists and studio members, we can be focussed on producing work with an agenda that isn’t entirely ours. Perhaps to meet a deadline, or to exhibit, or to be seen to be producing. As such, we risk losing that authentic connection to process and the self, and the relationship between the two.

This group aims and intends to provide a safe space within which practicing artists can meet and re-connect with art materials, art making and processes, themselves and each other in an alternative and authentic way. To provide a forum for this connection, and support discussion about the beautiful simplicity and complexity of the relationship between ‘the self’ and ‘the art’.

Sundays 1-4pm
18th Feb - 11th Mar

A4 Sounds
St Joseph's Parade, Off Upper Dorset St
Dublin 1

The sessions will incorporate elements of therapeutic art making, self-directed process and peer support both within the art making and reflective process. The facilitator’s role is to ‘’hold and contain’ as opposed to direct the group in terms of process. How the group progresses in terms of content will be determined organically by group members as the sessions progress. If the group gets stuck, the facilitator may offer support in terms of themes, guided imagery etc.

N.B.  This is not a therapy group. Group members will not be asked to share personal details of their past or present. Part of the facilitator’s role will be to support members to focus on the process in the present. This will be made clear to participants before group and will be discussed in session one. Given the nature of the process it’s possible group members may wish to discuss or disclose personal information. Group member will discuss and agree to what they are comfortable with and group guidelines in terms of boundaries and confidentiality.

Materials Required
All materials will be provided.
If participants would like to bring along additional supplies they are welcome to.

Deirdre Ronan
Deirdre is a practicing artist, art therapist and psychotherapist. She initially studied Fine Art in D.I.T. before completing her MSc in Art Psychotherapy in Edinburgh in 2006. Deirdre currently works as a psychotherapist with all aspects of sexual abuse.

Deirdre’s clinical work creates and sustains an unwavering awe at the primary and vicarious impacts of trauma on individuals and systems which inspires her work as a clinician and artist. As an art therapist, Deirdre believes that the art process and product are unique in creating a container for that which is ‘unsayable’. As such, her art work is multi-layered, seeking to mirror the dynamic essence of relationships and systems and her various roles within these.

“In engaging with my process I seek to explore and repair”.

Deirdre also enjoys playing 5 string banjo quite badly and is a massive luddite.

Members of our studio have access to all our training courses at a MASSIVELY reduced price, sometimes even free. If you would like to become a member or would like some more information click here :D

Please note: Due to the running costs of workshops, refunds for all our courses can only be given if sufficient notice is given and we can secure a replacement participant. We are a small organisation and course materials and equipment are expensive! We will however offer you a place on a future course of equal value. We are also understanding and under exceptional circumstances we may be able to refund part or full cost of the course.

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