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An Introduction to Experimental Animation for Young Adults 13-17 yrs

An Introduction to Experimental Animation for Young Adults 13-17 yrs

100 EUR
5 week Experimental Animation Course
with Pádraig Fagan


This course will introduce participants to a range of animation techniques over a 5 week period, including pixilation, plasticine, sand, and hand drawn animation. Relevant short animated films will also be screened for particpants as examples of the techniques being used, and to enrich their knowledge of animated films.  

The course is aimed at young adults aged 13 to 17 yrs who have an interest in animation.


Sun 11am - 1pm
23rd Apr - 21st May


A4 Sounds
St Joseph's Parade, Off Upper Dorset St
Dublin 1


Participants will work in groups to conceive, storyboard and animate scenes. In each class they will be introduced to a new technique of animation. Some of the techniques we will use, such as sand animation and pixilation, are particularly marginalized and some of the participants may not even be aware of their existence. In this way the course will expand the students’ definition of animation, while allowing them to develop a working knowledge of its principles.

Materials Required:
A4 will supply all necessary materials

Breakdown of each class:

1. Hand drawn Animation
Participants will work individually to create morphin character animations on paper. They will also make their own phenakistoscope, a Victorian optical toy.

2. Pixilation
Pixilation is a type of stop motion animation where actors and inanimate objects are moved frame by frame in front of the camer. Participants will work in teams using this technique to create surreal scenes.

3. Sand Animation
Sand animation entails animating sand on a lightbox situated beneath the camera, Animating with sand is a unique and rewarding experience for the animator, As a medium, it lends itself well to loose animation and inherently has beautiful textures which interact beautifully with the light.

4. Preparation for Plasticine Animation
Participants will work in groups to storyboard an animated scene, and then design and build characters and backgrounds, which will be suitable for the purpose of animation.

5. Plasticine Animation
The groups will spend the entire class animating their scenes using plasticine characters built in the previous class.

Pádraig Fagan
Padraig is a co-founder of Paper Panther Productions, along with Carol Freeman and Eimhin McNamara. In addition to creating short films, commercials and illustrations, they have been facilitating animation workshops for both young and old, across the country since 2009. Films produced in these workshops have won awards at film festivals around the world. Outside of his work in education, Pádraig has directed the Annie Award nominated short ‘The Rooster the Crocodile and the Night Sky’ and is currently in production with his second Film Board/ RTÉ funded short film ‘ An Gadhar Dubh’, a stop motion Irish language horror film.


Please note: Due to the running costs of workshops, refunds for all our courses can only be given if sufficient notice is given and we can secure a replacement participant. We are a small organisation and course materials and equipment are expensive! We will however offer you a place on a future course of equal value. We are also understanding and under exceptional circumstances we may be able to refund part or full cost of the course.

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